The Great Tradition

Over the years, Errico Formicola brand has established itself as a symbol of Made in Italy and of the Neapolitan tradition with the production of top quality items, always elegant and classy.


The mind and the impeccable hand of his tailors who replace the machines is what Errico Formicola prefers for the processing of each of his garments, giving the shirt an expert cut that acquire an absolutely special fit, in all its parts.

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In the processing of ties, as in all other products, we wanted to be faithful to the canons of the ancient Neapolitan tailoring tradition. The choice of the best fabrics, exclusive for colors and designs, make our ties unique in their manufacturing. Each garment is cut by hand and, in order to obtain a perfect centering of the design, each cut is individually checked and trimmed.

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Our production is set up as if it were a tailor's shop. The technical reason is that to obtain certain results in wearability, the garment must necessarily be worked with specific steps and techniques typical of Neapolitan manufacturing.

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Errico Formicola is a brand with a high Neapolitan tailoring tradition. The finest fabrics, the most accurate manufacturings, the quality of the finishes, make each garment a high-class product.